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“Glamis Rescue is a affordable membership offered to the Glamis Imperial Sand Dune Enthusiast to ensure they can receive Quality Parts, Repair & Service while out in Glamis during their Family Trips for the 2014 Glamis Season during the dates of October 1st, 2014 until January 31st, 2015.

Everybody has been out in Glamis and seen a Sand Rail/Razor/Quad/Dirt Bike/Pre Runner and or Buggy Broken out in the middle of Glamis, and your first reaction is “Ouch…I hope he has Help Coming”. Well imagine if you are that guy/girl and you don’t have “Help Coming”! What do you do? With Glamis Rescue, you no longer have to worry about that.

Glamis Rescue was started to “Fill” this exact need. After seeing this exact circumstance over and over every Glamis Season, Glamis Rescue was formed. Glamis Rescue offers a fully stocked store located in Glamis on Gecko Flats, but you say there are plenty of other “Parts Stores” in Glamis. Correct, but Glamis Rescue also has a full Repair Shop in the same location so you do not have to go to a “Parts Store”, buy your parts and then find someone to repair your vehicle. Additionally, Glamis Rescue has “Scouts” that are driving around Glamis looking for anyone in distress. “Glamis Rescue Does NOT Wait for you to Find Us…. We go Find You!”, having the comfort of knowing that a Glamis Rescue Scout is out patrolling in Glamis and can offer assistance will give you the re-assurance that if something were to go wrong. You have Help in case you need it.”

Glamis Rescue

Basic Package $65.00

A Membership Number No one else will ever have this number and this is how we make sure only You have Access to the Glamis Rescue Discounted Services. A Membership Card w/Your Membership Number This card is to be carried with you while in Glamis and Identifies you as a Glamis Rescue Member. Glamis Rescue Membership Credit Once you are a Glamis Rescue Member, $40 of the membership fee go directly into your Glamis Rescue Membership Credit that can be used to purchase Parts or torwards a Repair Bill. It basically pays for itself the first time you use Glamis Rescue.

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Classic Retrieval Pakcage $165.00

Includes Membership
Is the most economical of all the Glamis Rescue Retrieval Packages. This Package allows you to have peace of mind if you plan to stay around the Gecko Road/Sand Highway Area no further East then Osborn LookOut. You will receive the Glamis Rescue Membership and up to One (1) Retrieval from anywhere in the Silver Zone.

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Plus Retrieval Package $285.00

Includes Membership
This is the most commonly Purchased Retireval Package. This Package gives you the peace of mind if you plan on going to Olds Mobile, Vendor Flats, Sand Highway, Osborn LookOut, the Sand Drags and want to have Coverage in these popular destination areas. You will receive the Glamis Rescue Membership and up to One (1) Retrieval from anywhere in the Gold Zone.

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Premiere Retrieval Package $455.00

Includes Membership The Best Coverage offered in Glamis. This Package allows you to travel all of Sand Highway from the Washes all the way to the Canal. Also covers Gecko Road from the Ranger Station to RoadRunner, Gives you full coverage from Wash 1 to Wash 20. Also Gives you coverage in Olds Mobile and the In/Out Road from Olds Mobile to Sand Highway. The Best Coverage offered if you plan to Roam around Glamis and have full peace of mind. You will receive the Glamis Rescue Membership and up to One (1) Retrieval from anywhere in the Platinum Zone.

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Glamis Rescue Map Coverage

Working with M.O.R.E. for 2015 Season!

Glamis Rescue will be working with M.O.R.E. for their 2015 Racing Season, so we will be offering the "2015 Racers Safety Package" that consists of a Pyrotect Pro Air Flow Helmet sizes medium to extra large, a Pyrotect Sportsman SFI-1 Delux One Piece Fire Suit sizes medium to extra large and a NecksGen REV Head & Neck Restraint Device sizes medium to extra large to all Racers in MORE, SNORE, BITD, SCORE and anyone else who wants to be safe while in their Race Vehicles, Prerunners, Sand Cars or UTV's. For Information Please contact us by email glamisrescue@gmail.com Be SAFE Everyone and Have FUN!

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